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My Grandfather’s Prayer for a New Administration

This week our country will once again witness the transition of President and Vice President from one administration to the next. I hope my grandfather’s words from the inauguration of President Bill Clinton, which are timeless and still relevant today, will encourage us to continue to pray for our incoming President and for our country.

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Mary’s Heart of Praise in Uncertainty

Christmas is less than a week away, and I envy anyone that already has their to-do list completed. If you are like me, you have over committed yourself to a never ending to-do list and are scrambling to get it all done. It is so easy for our joy to be robbed during this important season and easily have a heart that is over taken with complaints. Today, I needed to refocus and spend time with the Lord. Maybe you are like me and need to take a few moments and spend time with the Lord before you start out to conquer your to-do list. Here is an excerpt from my advent devotional I wanted to share with you.


Do you ever sit and think how Mary must have felt after the angel Gabriel appeared to her, who was a virgin and promised to be married, that she will be with child and give birth to God’s son? We can not humanly imagine the fear that swept over her. How lonely she must have felt, or how scared she was to face the next day. Who would believe her? What would they do to her? How was Joesph to handle this? Her family would see her as a disgrace. How was she going to face this? Keep Reading


Christmas Reflections—God’s Promises

What does Christmas look like to you? Does it include a never-ending “to-do list”? Too often Christmas becomes a time when we overcommit ourselves and forget the promises God gave in Scripture.

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What is Next for Christians?

After a long and brutal election year, it is finally over. But for many people the wounds are still fresh and left wide open after a long hard fight from both parties. Over the course of this election year families, friendships, and churches were divided. It is evident by the popular vote, this country is literally divided right down the middle. Our country is hurting and needs to be healed. Keep Reading


Unapologetically voting for Trump


As Americans, we have been watching the ongoing moral decay of our country’s foundation for years. Through the current political cycle, it seems like this process has accelerated even more quickly. Keep Reading

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Freedom Demands Much From US

Its Memorial Day weekend and I know my social media will be flooded with pictures of people having a BBQ, sitting poolside, shopping sales, and using the caption, “Happy Memorial Day.” Although, it is ok to be enjoying the ones we love this weekend and have fun, its important we do not forget what this day represents and there is nothing “happy” about it. I ask you to take time to visit a local memorial or service this weekend. Or take a short few minutes to sit down with your family and talk about the meaning of this weekend. I have asked my sister-in-law, Kristy, to write a guest post on what this day really represents and what it means to her family. Kristy is married to my brother Edward, who is a Major in the United States Army and has served eight tours overseas. Together, they have sacrificed much for the sake of this wonderful country, and she has even taught me better ways to remember those who have lost their lives giving me my freedom. Here’s Kristy…  Keep Reading


Remember to Privately Cry

The past year and half has been a time of uncertainty and transition for Corey and me. As his NFL career has slowly come to and end, I have been sad to let go of the life we’ve known and have feared the unknown future. Even though I have a hard working and smart husband who I trust completely with our future, I have still had many moments of frustrations and tears. I do my best to keep those tears quiet in the still of the night, because I know, he too, has his fears and concerns. Yet, many times those tears and frustrations come out.

While flipping through the pages of one of my grandmother’s books, God provided me with exactly what I needed to read today.  I was looking for a poem about children but instead I came across a poem directed straight to my heart; a little wisdom from my grandmother about being a wife. Keep Reading


Remembering My Child’s Face When I Go to the Polls

Last month, my dad kicked off his fifty state capital campaign, Decision America Tour. As he travels across the country he is holding prayer rallies at the capitol of each state, encouraging evangelicals to pray for our country and its leaders, to vote on biblical morals, and asking Christians to consider running for office at every level.

Corey and I had the privilege of joining my dad for his first stop in Des Moines, Iowa. As we were mentally preparing our Florida bodies for the cold, I will admit I was nervous to see if anyone was going to show up. Even with the sun shining the temperature was twenty-three degrees with snow on the ground, and it was the first stop of the campaign. I didn’t know what to expect. I honestly had the sole prayer that more people would be attendance than only our own team.

As our car pulled up to the golden dome of the Iowa state capitol building Keep Reading

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Complaining in My Life of Convenience

Weekly, I am complaining about the entire process of going to and from the grocery store.  By the time I have fought the crowds, over purchased on impulse buying, drive home, put the groceries away, the last thing I want to do is cook and clean the kitchen. Lately, that has been my attitude on all of my errands on my never-ending to-do list.  Then my friend Matt Rath, a videographer for Samaritan’s Purse, posted this image on his Facebook last week from Nepal with the caption… Keep Reading


Praising God in Submission

Do you ever think about how Mary must have felt after the angel Gabriel appeared to her? She was a virgin and promised in marriage, but Gabriel told her she would become pregnant and give birth to God’s son.

We cannot imagine the fear that probably swept over her. How lonely she must have felt, and how scared she must have been to face the next day. Who would believe her? How would Joseph react? She would be a disgrace to her family. What would people do to her? How could she bear it? Keep Reading