A 2nd Grader Who Understands

In honor of Veterans day, I wanted to share with you a little family treasure. Last week, my sister-in-law sent me my niece’s school assignment. Tears streamed down my face. Here she is at seven years-old—and she gets it. Many educated adults in this country don’t have the sense of gratitude this second grader has.

In her simple way she understands how great her father is. She understands he is a hero She understands the extreme sacrifices his work “overseas” brings to her entire family. She understands what an honor it is to serve this country and the Lord.

If my niece could be anyone in the world…

“If I could be anyone, I would be my father. Because he fights in the Army, works hard, keeps calm. I want to be strong like him. And how he protects us. And when he gets back from overseas I’m very thankful when he comes back from overseas. I would go overseas like him. No matter what it takes I will serve the Lord and serve this country. Any time Any where.”

She is thankful. Remember today to be grateful for the the men and women and their precious families who have sacrificed greatly for each of us. Take a few minutes out of your day to thank a veteran.

Thank you to all the men and women in our armed services who have served with great sacrifice in honor of this wonderful country.