I’m so glad that you have found me in this little piece of the Internet.

Thank you for being here. My prayer is that you are encouraged in hope, convicted in truth and empowered with the boldness of Gospel of Jesus Christ.



Cissie Graham Lynch is daughter of Franklin Graham and the granddaughter of Billy Graham.

Cissie was raised in the familiar surroundings of two ministries her father now leads—the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse. Since 2010, Cissie has worked as part of the two organizations in various capacities, currently serving as a communications advisor and ministry spokesperson. She has traveled the world advocating for initiatives that reach women, children, and millennials. Her mission is to stand boldly for the Gospel in an ever-compromising world and encourage others to stand on only the Truth―the same Spirit-filled Truth that she has found in her relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2017, Cissie was a speaker at the National Prayer Service for the 58th Presidential Inauguration at the National Cathedral. She serves on the Executive Evangelical Advisory Board of President Trump’s Faith Advisory Council.

Cissie encourages people to speak boldly on issues including life, family, and faith.

“One of the most important lessons I learned from my parents and my grandparents was to never compromise my beliefs because of what the world says,” said Graham Lynch. “I want to help people navigate the tough issues we all face and to give them practical ways to live out their faith in truth and love and to be unapologetic and fearless in a world that is forever compromising.”

Cissie hosts a podcast produced by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association called Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch: Fearless Faith in a Compromising Culture, which is available on many major podcast streaming services. In each episode, she explores popular issues in culture and what the Bible teaches about those topics. She also shares personal stories from her own life and lessons she has learned from watching her father and grandfather in private and public ministry. Fearless with Cissie Graham Lynch encourages listeners to explore Scripture for themselves and challenge them to stand boldly for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.