Are You Too Tired to Fight Anymore?

Last night I was crawling into bed, once again feeling defeated by Satan’s stronghold in one specific area of my life.  I felt like giving up.  I was too tired.  I didn’t care anymore. I did not feel strong enough to keep going, to keep fighting, to persevere. Satan could have his victory over me.

I knew my heart was wrong.  I knew all the right answers.  I knew what advice I would give to someone else if the roles were reversed.  And I knew exactly what my mom would tell me.  But I didn’t care.

I just wanted to crawl into bed and escape into another world.  I just wanted to turn on Hulu and disappear into the lives of fictional characters, even if it was just for a few hours.  Then the next morning, I would get up and face it once again.

But instead, a voice whispered to me, “Cissie, you haven’t even come to me today, you haven’t even opened up your devotional or my Word.  You haven’t even tried turning to me all day.”

So, I said, “Fine Lord, I’ll open up your Word and clear my conscience, but then I’m off to watch my show.”

I opened up my copy of Streams in the Dessert and read…

There we saw the giants (Numbers 13:33 KJV).

Yes, the Israeli spies saw giants, but Joshua and Caleb saw God! Those who doubt still say today, “We can’t attack…they are stronger than we are” (v.31).  Yet those who believe say, “We should go up and take possession… for we can certainly do it” (v.30).

What is a giant? How was this relevant to me?

Giants represent great difficulties, and they stalk us everywhere.

We encounter giants only when we are serving God and following Him.

Giants could be your addictions, family, church, relationships, spouse, or your heart.  But if we continue to allow them to have a stronghold, they will devour us.

I feel like I am being devoured, but I know I can’t allow it.  So, when I woke up this morning I decided to face my giant.  I decided to fight it, one step at a time.

My strength is not my own, and I can only face this with the Lord by my side.  He loves me so much, that He burdened Himself with my sins.  I can love Him enough to fight this issue that He has allowed in my life.

His love is the essence of my strength.

Don’t turn your back on the giants in your life.  Allow the Lord to help you fight them.