Back Home in North Carolina

Wow, I know I have been absent the last two weeks, but here are a few pictures to recap. This past week I was able to go back home to the beautiful land of North Carolina. Even though it feels like I spent most of my time sitting behind a desk or getting caught up in meetings at work, I was able to fit in some much needed family time. I was able to see both sets of my grandparents, all my nieces and nephews, my brother, who just got back from a deployment, and my mom and dad.

With my nephew Quinn, who scored 11 goals at his soccer game. I lost count after 7, but he informed multiple times the final count was 11.
With my nephew and niece, Quinn and Rachel, cheering on their sister in her soccer game.
With my niece, Hannah, cheering on "Uncle Coco" in his game against the Minnesota Vikings. Yes, there were lots of games to watch this weekend. Nice WIN Tampa Bay!
My dad playing with his youngest grandchild, Liam.
Hannah loves her "Grumps." Yes that is what they call my dad.
The long glass hallway walking back to my grandfather's bedroom. I absolutely love this hallway and I consider a blessing every time I walk down it to visit him. It was such a sweet time to spend with him, just the two of us.
I snapped a photo of this photo that hangs in my grandfather's hall. One of my favorite pictures of my grandmother, Ruth Bell Graham. It is a perfect portrayal of her personality.

Just posting these pictures makes me miss my family even more. It doesn’t matter how old we get there is no place like home.