Daddy Bill “America’s Pastor” Honored at the Capitol

As I look back at the last week I am filled with great emotion. I will never forget the celebration of my grandfather’s life at our nation’s capitol. It was a surreal and emotional day. What an honor it was to stand outside the Capitol with my family and watch a joint U.S. Military honor guard carry my grandfather’s body up those beautiful steps. My Daddy Bill was just a simple man with a desire to share God’s love to the entire world. He simply said, “yes” to God and was obedient to the calling God had on his life. It was not an easy calling–it was burdensome at times–but my grandfather served God with great humility.

I stood in awe as a watched a godly man receive one of the highest honors an American Citizen can receive.

Thank you to our President, Vice President, and all members of Congress who made this day possible.

The flag at the U.S. Capitol building flew at half-staff in honor of my grandfather. It was presented to my father the following day.
It brings me to tears to see the line of people waiting to pay their respects to my grandfather. Thank you to all who came!
At this exact moment I am explaining to my 4-year-old about the casket when she asked why she couldn’t see Daddy Bill’s body.

The casket entering the Rotunda.
What a view.
Thank you President Trump and First Lady for honoring Daddy Bill.
To be honest, I don’t know if I heard much of the President’s speech. My heart was pounding as my 4-year-old girl was standing right behind the President. She looks a little bored in this shot.
Our entire family.
My grandfather’s casket was beautiful and simple. It was made by the hands of inmates in Louisiana State Penitentiary. The names of the men who constructed it are carved at the end. Here my little girl is looking at the names. A simple casket for a simple man.
A sweet moment of reflection. I love how it captures the generations of a family. I am thankful for the legacy my grandfather left.
Secretary Ben Carson and my mother, Jane Graham.
I will never forget this view on the rainy morning we went to pick up my grandfather’s body.
My dad watching the body being lifted up in the plane one last time.
The flag which flew over the capitol building was presented to our family.
One last flight.

My grandfather’s body being put in the hearse one last time for one last ride on the Billy Graham Parkway.