Episode 48: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice: Students Work to End Abortion

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Show Notes

College campuses are being overwhelmed by liberalism and anti-God rhetoric, but there is a wave of bold and compassionate students taking a fearless stand for life. I’m inspired by the work Kristan Hawkins is doing through her pro-life organization, Students for Life. They’re working to end abortion and change culture. However, with a liberal pro-choice president in the White House, changing political policy is going to be even harder.

Kristan says that 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics are within five miles of a college campus and that 52% of abortion-seeking women are under the age of 25. But along with the disturbing facts about abortion and Planned Parenthood, she also shares encouraging stories and helpful tactics. And Kristan explains why if we want to end abortion we have to start with young people.

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