Episode 68 – International Women’s Day: What Kind of Woman Do You Want To Be?

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Show Notes

International Women’s Day celebrates the cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements of women. But the world’s definition of a successful woman can look very different from God’s definition.

On this episode of Fearless, I talk about Scriptures and women—in the Bible and in my own life—that have helped me better understand what it means to be a Godly woman.

As women in Ukraine and other countries face unimaginable hardships today, I’m grateful for the simple blessings I and so many other women in the U.S. enjoy. I’m also thankful I don’t have to judge my worth by the world’s standards, but instead find my value as a woman in knowing that I’m a child of God.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, I hope what I share on this episode inspires you to live boldly for Jesus in a world that has a lot of wrong ideas about men and women.


  • Proverbs 14:1; 31
  • Esther
  • Matthew 24
  • Genesis 3
  • 1 Peter 3:4
  • Ruth
  • John 4: -42
  • 1 Samuel 25
  • 1 Kings 10:1-13
  • Luke 1
  • John 2:1-11
  • 2 Timothy 1:5

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