Episode 74—Uvalde: The Steady Peace of Jesus in the Darkest of Times

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Show Notes

Just like you, my heart breaks for the families of those children and teachers killed in the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting. 

When tragedy happens, many people will ask ‘why?’ The world is full of evil and sin. But there is hope in Jesus even in the darkest of times. Two chaplains from the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team who were in Uvalde within two hours share their experience in responding to this tragedy. Husband and wife, Ken and Stacey Williamson were asked by a family of one of the victims to assist them in a way I can’t begin to imagine.

Please continue to pray for all of the victims’ families and to place your hope in Jesus Christ—the only One who can change the hearts of individuals and of a nation.


  • Jeremiah 17:9
  • 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Psalm 34:18
  • Genesis 50:20
  • John 14:26
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • Luke 18:16
  • John 3:16

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