Flippin’ Pancakes Again

The last few months have been grueling, to say the least, for my dad, Franklin Graham.  I have watched my dad carry a heavy burden since the day his employee, Dr. Kent Brantly, contracted the deadly virus, Ebola. With Ebola and the crisis in the middle east growing, my dad has faced intense challenges and decisions over the past few months.

But despite the chaos and the other things that might seem more important, he would get up each Sunday morning this past summer to cook pancakes for the, Operation Heal Our Patriots, staff.  Honestly, I thought sleeping and rest would’ve been more beneficial at six in the morning for the busy man, but he saw it more important to get up and flip pancakes for his staff who he loved and appreciated.

Many of you probably remember his famous “butter cakes,” but they were never this big before. Do you think you could flip a pancake this big? Probably not! I am still not sure how he did it.