Happy Birthday Mom

December 24, 1950 the world welcomed, Jane Austin Cunningham.

This year, my mom is celebrating 60 years! 60 years people! (Mom, your old!) But my mom is far from acting like she is 60.  She is the youngest 60 year old I know.  I pray that when I am 60, people can say the things about me, which they say about her.

It’s a lot of pressure to sit here and tell the world about my mom, because I know I won’t come close to doing her justice  that she deserves.

She is a wife.  She is a mom to 4 children. She is a grandmother of 7.  She has always kept my brothers and I grounded.  She always has great advice to give (and its always seems to be the right advice). She taught me integrity.  She has always put her children before herself.  She can still do hand stands.  She never missed a sporting event. She is still stronger than me, which means she can still beat me up.  She loves to laugh, which you can hear a mile away. She herds cattle every year in Montana. She makes the best green beans! She never meets a stranger.  And she can make anyone feel comfortable. She loves Jesus, and has a heart for young people to know His LOVE. She is as down to earth as a person can get. And she is MY MOM!

I can’t even begin to introduce you to my mom.  But she ROCKS!  She has been a wonderful and beautiful example as a Godly woman. I praise the Lord for her.

Christmas Eve has to go down as the most terrible Birthday in the entire year.  I guess all birthdays the week of Christmas are pretty bad.  But for a mom, Christmas Eve mostly consists of wrapping, cooking, and entertaining.  And to top it off, all good restaurants are closed on Christmas Eve.  So every year my mom gets robbed of her Birthday celebration.

So, Mom please know we Love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow & celebrate your birthday!

My mom and all my Sister-n-laws. Plus my niece who wanted to be in the picture