Liberia: Behind the Scenes

So, we are back home, which means back to reality. I think we are still recovering from the jet-lag a little bit. It is hard to believe our time in Liberia has come and gone so quickly. But I am so excited and looking forward to sharing the stories which impacted my heart.

My team had an amazing time but lots of hard work is still ahead. We are in process of putting together several pieces to share with you over the next couple of weeks, but today I wanted to share  a few behind the scene shots.  And for those who are interested our entire trip was shot with HD-SLR Canon 5D Mark 2 cameras. However, I used my very dependable iphone and Sony Bloggie. I know, I am not as fancy as the rest of the team.  Maybe one day!

Hope Blaylock quickly found that sharing pictures with the kids was easy entertainment!
Hope & I taking a break for a moment
Joni Byker is from Samaritan's Purse Liberia office.
Bev Kauffeldt is also from our Samaritan's Purse Liberia office. She sported the GoPro all week to give us more action shots.
Matt Powell, the producer, doesn't mind getting in the mud for his job.
Well, I guess he did mind a little bit. The big catfish freaked him out a little. Just watch out for the camera!
Ryan Smith, always finding amazing shots, even when he is in them. This is one of my favorite pictures from the week.
We were all a bit tired.
Matt and Hope
Capturing Kimbolu, a village that forever impacted my heart.
Cameras everywhere! They all serve a different purpose. But I would like to think mine are better!
The boys trying to keep me in the mud a little bit longer.
The only way to charge our batteries and computers while in northern Liberia was in the car.
The GoPro captured the best shots all week!
This is also one of my favorite shots of the photographers.
The creative minds behind it all.