Love is of God

It is New Years Eve for most people, but today, Corey and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. I can’t believe three years have come and gone so fast.  People always warn you how time flies, but it always blows your mind when it does.  I am lucky to have married a man who LOVES Jesus, LOVES me unconditionally, and is my BEST friend.  Its been a wonderful three years and I look forward to the years to come!

I looked into your face and knew
that you were true;
those clear, deep eyes awoke in me
a trust in you.

I’d dreamt of shoulders broad and straight,
one built to lead;
I met you once and knew that you
were all I need.

You did not have to say a word
to make me feel
that will, completely in control,
was made of steel.

I’d dreamt of dashing love and bold,
life wild with zest;
but when with you my heart was stilled
to perfect rest.

And how? I could not understand,
it seemed so odd:
till on my heart it quietly dawned
– love is of God!
Ruth Bell Graham

Pictures taken by Adam Barnes