Mothers Deserve To Be Celebrated

The day I gave birth to my little girl and became a mom, was the best day of my life. It sounds cliche, I know. But I can remember every small detail from hard labor to the moment they placed her in my arms.  And the next 24 hours were the most cherished moments I have shared with my husband.

I remember leaving the hospital and being very thankful. I was thankful for the well-educated medical staff that cared for my every need. I was thankful for the clean and well-equipped hospital I had the privilege to deliver in, and I was thankful to take her home, where she would have a soft bed to lay her head, a sturdy roof to keep her safe, and food to make her strong.

I was thankful, because I know these are luxuries I am so blessed to have.

But for thousands of moms around the world that is not the case. I have seen mothers who fear giving birth because, for many, it will mean a death sentence due to lack of access to basic medical care.  Thousands of moms will not see their child turn five because they lack the ability or knowledge of basic nutrition. And many moms are hiding their children in clefts of rooks to keep them safe from bombs falling from the sky.

It doesn’t matter what part of the world a mother is from, being a mother is one of the hardest and toughest jobs there is.

All mothers deserve to be celebrated and all mothers deserve a chance to provide a safe and healthy life to their child.

So, for Mother’s Day, I ask you to consider a different way to honor a special mother in your life. When you give a gift in her name to our Maternal & Child Health Programs, she’ll receive a special Mother’s Day greeting card. Your gift can help Samaritan’s Purse reduce the mortality rates of women and their young children by improving obstetric care, teaching essential nutrition practices, and increasing access to quality healthcare.