NC Bound: Part One

Corey and I are on a road trip to North Carolina! During the off-season we always try to catch up with as many friends and family as possible. Our destination is North Carolina and we are making many stops on the way!

Just the beginning of our LONG road trip.

Corey's favorite store. What are the chances we would see the headquaters on the side of the road? Lucky me.

Party in our CAR!!! Whats a road trip without Chickfila?
Nala chilling in the back
Playing Nerts with the Haas family. We consider them our own blood
Corey, Pop (my mom's dad), and my brother Roy, celebrating Pop's 89th Birthday
Uncle Corey meeting Charlotte for the first time!
Nala watching over Charlotte
Only way to get internet at my grandparent's house.
My friend, Megan, from ASU
We stopped by in Wake Forrest, NC, to see some of friends from ASU. Boys and their best friends.
In Winston Salem, NC visiting my college roommate. No kids for the two of us, just our dogs.
My Dad, Brother Edward, and Hannah
My Brother Edward (he is a beast) and my sister-n-law Kristy
She Loves her Aunt Cissie

Our trip is only half way done. More Pictures to come!