One Check on the My List

While visiting my parent’s in Alaska a couple of weeks ago, I was finally able to accomplish a feat I had been wanting to accomplish for quite some  time. My parents have a cabin inside Lake Clark National Park in Port Alsworth, Alaska.  Since I was in the sixth grade this is where my family called home during the summer months.

Surrounded by a beautfiul mountain range and a gorgeous lake, Tanailan Mountain, stands alone as the majestic visual focal point in the center of the community. When I was younger I was too lazy to even consider climbing Tanalian Mountain. I have always regretted not doing so, and this summer I set out to do it.  And as a bonus to make it even more special, I was able to do it with my brother, Edward, and his brother-in-law, Dave.  Both men serve in the US Army and were in Alaska for their block leave.  I won’t lie, I was a little intimidated to do this with two Army Rangers.

What I set out to accomplish.
Getting ready to leave the house. I was a little nervous to do this with two Army Rangers.


With my brother Edward looking at what we were about to accomplish.


Watch out for falling rocks!
Every few yards the view changed drastically. In case you curious of the gun, just in case of bears.

Met another couple on the trail who took our picture.
Too nervous to stand. Below is Port Alsworth.
Amazed by God’s creation.
Best group shot we could get at the peak.


He is the man!
Isn’t that sweet…brother and sister?!?
And the men!

So, for me it was one more check I was able to make on my list.