Riding a Pregnant Donkey

To finish out the year, I wanted to dedicate the next few posts to some of my favorite moments of 2012.

This day definitely ranks number one, as one of my favorite days this year. While traveling to the Middle East for work, Corey and I took a day to visit Petra. Petra is an ancient Arabian city located in Jordan, and has been voted as one the Seven Wonders of the World.

I have traveled to Jordan many times, but I have had never had the chance to visit Petra. So, this time I made sure we took the time. Here a few highlights from the day.

A remarkable sight, which I had waited to see for a very long time.
Petra is simply breathtaking.
Part of the ancient city.
This is probably my favorite picture of 2012. Corey riding a pregnant donkey in the dessert. I have no idea why they gave him this donkey. We only had one day in Petra, so we needed to cover a lot of ground fast. We hired these two donkeys to take us part of the way.
These donkeys cost a pretty penny, but saved us a lot of time, and so worth the laughs! They eventually made us switch donkeys.
This probably goes down as one of my favorite days spent with my man.
I couldn’t stop laughing at the sight of Corey riding this donkey.
After we said good bye to our faithful rides, we hiked around the ancient city for about 3 hours. And it was also about 101 degrees.
For some reason, I love camels.

I am still laughing as a post these pictures and in amazement that we got to experience this remarkable site.