Stop Being Pushed Around

There always comes a time when God asks us to take a stand for Him, and we either do or we don’t. It is that simple. No gray areas, just black and white. The sad thing is, we all probably fail more than we pass.

This weekend I read an article in which the founder of a well-known company apologized for partnering with Focus on the Family, after much media criticism.

My first reaction was, “Are you serious? How can you allow yourself to be pushed around like that?” I was a little angry to see this guy, whose work I have come to admire, fall to worldly pressure so quickly.

But my second reaction was to feel sorry for him, because he obviously didn’t realize the damage he had just caused. He had allowed the world to win. In situations like this, I find that the easy reaction is to be mad and angry, but sometimes the hardest thing to do is pray. So instead of being critical, I simply prayed for him and his company. I have no idea what this guy claims about his personal faith, so I can’t dare hold him accountable for knowing better.

But as Christians, we know we will be held accountable.

“But whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 10:33

We worry more about offending people, than we do about offending the Creator of the universe. Yesterday, I heard my pastor say, “We don’t want to offend people, but when people deny the Gospel, that’s the real offense.”

As Christians we have allowed ourselves to be backed into a corner by the world. We are made to apologize for our beliefs, or to keep them to ourselves. But I don’t see the rest of the world apologizing for anything. Christians need to grow some backbones, and stop being afraid.

Your reward in heaven is going to be so much sweeter than any here on earth.
I am certain that when we choose to take a loving Biblical stand for the Lord in our lives, He will honor us.

Let your heart’s desires be more for the praise and acceptance of God Almighty than the trivial praise and acceptance of men. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around by the world.