The Worst NFL Game

Well, yes, if you looked at the score and saw how bad the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars, that could simply define how bad it was. But no, that wouldn’t be all. My sister-n-law, Kristy, drove to Jacksonville with her two kids to meet me. I had the entire weekend planned out of shopping and football.  I wanted it to be a fun get away for Kristy. When I looked at the weather before the trip, I knew it was going to be anything but fun, but tickets were bought and hotel was booked, so on we went.

To sum it all up, Kristy came down with a severe head cold, it was cold and damp, it rained, two kids, and the Buccs lost the game.  I personally, just felt bad for all of them, but never did a complaint come out of anyone’s mouth!

We all managed to keep smiles on our faces the entire time, even Kristy, who was sick.

Hannah, thought the day was amazing, and that is all that matters. She is a huge fan of Uncle Corey. She even protested us going to Target, because she thought she would miss the football game.
Riding in the bicycle carriage, because we parked too far away.
Liam seemed to enjoy the ride.
These kids were the best. Cold rain with no naps & no tears!
This picture makes me laugh, because it sums up our day.
A few others wives after the game. We are all looking our best, and probably all wondering if the drive was worth it.
But it was all worth it, because this girl got to see her favorite "Uncle Coco."

Well my team lost yesterday.  How did your favorite NFL teams do?