What Should a Mother’s Prayer Be?

We often ask God, “Why”? In the midst of great suffering and pain, we can not fathom how God can allow great such evil to prevail. But what happens when the sorrow hits close to home to the ones we love? Do we trust in an almighty, all-knowing God? As mothers, it is natural to pray for absolute protection over our children. Our hearts ache uncontrollably when we see them in misery or suffering. But when we look through scripture we see many times God prevails through unfathomable circumstances. My grandmother, Ruth Bell Graham, sweetly reminds me through her timeless writings this morning, how fortunate we are God’s infinite wisdom prevails over our finite wisdom.

I am just at the beginning of the lifelong journey of motherhood, but I pray my prayers for my children will always be God’s infinite wisdom will prevail in their life, through the dark valleys and on the highest peaks.

Had I been Joseph’s mother

I’d have prayed

protection from his brothers:

“God keep him safe;

he is so young,

so different form

the others.”


she never knew there be slavery

and prison, too.”


Had I been Moses’ mother

I’d have wept

to keep my little son;

praying she might forget

the babe drawn form the water

of the Nile,

had I not kept

him for her

nursing him the while?

Was he not mine

and she

but Pharaoh’s daughter?


Had I been Daniel’s mother

I should have pled

“Give victory!

This Babylonian horde-

godless and cruel-

don’t let them take him captive

-better dead,

Almighty Lord!”


Had I been Mary-

Oh, had I been she,

I would have cried

as never mother cried,

“…Anything, O God,


but crucified!”


With such prayers


my finite wisdom

would assail

Infinite wisdom;


God, how fortunate

Infinite Wisdom

should prevail!