The Cross

What does the cross mean in today’s society?

We wear it around our necks, we hang it on our walls as decoration, we place it on the side of the road to memorialize lives lost. Many people today don’t realize the sacrifice that God made through Christ’s death on the cross because we have glamorized it for the sake of a holiday—a day off work.

But at the time of Christ, the cross caused great distress. It was the symbol of ultimate torture and cruelty—human crucifixion. The writers of the Bible didn’t include the horrific details about what happened to the human body during crucifixion because they didn’t need to. Those who lived in fear of this barbaric death penalty knew all too well its effects.

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Speaking to the LGBT Community With Grace and Truth

Homosexuality in the church is a difficult subject to discuss, and even more uncomfortable to write about. Especially when so many―my self included―have friends that are part of the LGBT community. How do we show love and grace while still sharing the truth of the Gospel?

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A Symbol of Service

We often pass them in airports or see them sitting across from us in a restaurant. We will see them strolling by us as we walk down the street, or sitting next to us on the train. Most of the time we might notice them, but we rarely acknowledge them. They are worn with pride, but receive little recognition. Each one has a story behind it, probably a story of a lost loved one, a story of bravery, a story of triumph, or a story of hardship, but they all carry the story of freedom. Keep Reading

Do we ever outgrow our mother’s prayers?

At the age of thirty-two, I feel like I need my mother more than ever. I need her advice, I depend on her physical help, I seek her wisdom, I need her always lending ear, but most importantly I need her prayers.

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What is Truth?

Read John 18:28-40.

“What is truth?”

Over two thousand years ago, Pilate, the Roman governor over Judea, looked into the eyes of Jesus and asked this question. He didn’t know he was speaking to the King of kings, the one and only Truth. He was confused and believed truth to be relative. He did not realize he was standing face to face with the One who is “the way, the truth, and the life” (see John 14:6).

Pilate found Jesus innocent of all charges. He didn’t understand why the Jewish leaders wanted to execute one of their own men. Even his wife warned him, “Have nothing to do with that righteous man, for I have suffered much because of him today in a dream” (Matthew 27:19, ESV). Pilate had to make a decision. But instead of standing for what was right, he gave in to the demands of the Jews and handed Jesus over to be executed. Keep Reading

Daddy Bill “America’s Pastor” Honored at the Capitol

As I look back at the last week I am filled with great emotion. I will never forget the celebration of my grandfather’s life at our nation’s capitol. It was a surreal and emotional day. What an honor it was to stand outside the Capitol with my family and watch a joint U.S. Military honor guard carry my grandfather’s body up those beautiful steps. My Daddy Bill was just a simple man with a desire to share God’s love to the entire world. He simply said, “yes” to God and was obedient to the calling God had on his life. It was not an easy calling–it was burdensome at times–but my grandfather served God with great humility. Keep Reading