Are you being your husband’s biggest cheerleader?

Recently, I was sitting in a salon chair and chatting with a stylist I had never met before. We shared small talk I quickly found out she was a newlywed and we dove into a conversation about the first year of marriage. I was a little caught off-guard when this young woman asked me what advice on marriage I could give her. Keep Reading

Freedom Demands Much From Us

Its Memorial Day weekend and I know my social media will be flooded with pictures of people having a BBQ, sitting poolside, shopping sales, and using the caption, “Happy Memorial Day.” Although, it is ok to be enjoying the ones we love this weekend and have fun, its important we do not forget what this day represents and there is nothing “happy” about it. I ask you to take time to visit a local memorial or service this weekend. Or take a short few minutes to sit down with your family and talk about the meaning of this weekend. I have asked my sister-in-law, Kristy, to write a guest post on what this day really represents and what it means to her family. Kristy is married to my brother Edward, who is a Major in the United States Army and has served eight tours overseas. Together, they have sacrificed much for the sake of this wonderful country, and she has even taught me better ways to remember those who have lost their lives giving me my freedom. Here’s Kristy… Keep Reading

Lessons Learned on Mother’s Day

Although I am 31, this year seemed to mark the official end of my childhood as I lost my maternal grandmother. Despite the heartbreak of this loss, I’ve spent many hours reflecting on how grateful I am for my childhood and the many women I’ve been surrounded by during my life. Keep Reading

When Mother’s Day is Hard

Each year I am reminded of the true struggle many women face on Mother’s Day. For so many, the mention of this holiday stirs up lots of emotions and unwanted feelings. I am surrounded by family and friends who have struggled with infertility for years and their longing for a child grows deeper and deeper, leaving many questioning God’s love. Thats why I have asked my dear friend and colleague, Lisa Moseley, to share with us today. Lisa knows the deep pain of infertility, but I love how she shows God’s love in a hard situation. Here is Lisa… Keep Reading

You Don’t Need a Why

It is constant and it doesn’t seem to relent. Whether it is on the evening news or in our Facebook news feed, heartbreak and sadness seem to be wherever we turn these days leaving us with the continual question, “why God?” We ask why the heartache, why the illness, why the loss, why the hate, why the pain?

Even through pain, we are commanded to worship Him. When we worship Him and kneel before Him, that is when healing can begin— because our hearts are drawn near to His infinite wisdom.

The simple words of my grandmother, Ruth Bell Graham, remind me, we do not need a why when we know God. Keep Reading

The Garden Tomb

One of my most cherished memories is visiting the Garden Tomb in Israel with my dad.  I pray, this Easter, you will hear and recognize the voice of the living savior and know that he can hold victory in your life.


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Christians, Do Not Confuse Your Job with the President’s Job

For the last week, I feel like everywhere I look I see many Christians joining those who are greatly outraged and divided over President Trump’s executive order regarding travel restrictions. I see them in heated emotion voicing opinions on social media and expressing their views in protest.

As Christians we are called to love, to care for and to help those in need, especially the fatherless and widows.

I want to encourage Christians not to confuse our job—being called to love, to care for and to help those in need, especially the fatherless and widows—with the job of the President of the United States of America―to protect the United States.

For those upset with the restrictions, I want to respectfully ask you, what have you done to help the refugee crisis? If your answer is nothing, then I urge you to consider taking action by getting involved and seeking ways that you can help. I, for one, support President Trump in the travel restrictions, but I want to tell you why and give you some food for thought. Keep Reading

Women I Would March For

To put it simply, it was maddening to me as I witnessed first-hand women taking the streets in Washington D.C. this past weekend. Even after great attempts to understand, and I promise I have tried to look at it from a different perspective, I can’t for the life of me figure out what they were demonstrating for or what their purpose was.

Were they protesting our new president? If so, I see them fighting vulgarity with vulgarity and hate with hate.

Or were they marching for women’s rights? Once again, I am confused. Because as a woman in 2017 living in America, what rights do I not have?

Since Saturday, all I can think about are the resilient, strong and beautiful women I have met around the world.

I would hope that we as a nation with the most powerful women in the world would choose to remember women less fortunate than us and fight for them instead of fighting each other because it is true—together we are stronger.

Can we remember the mom who has to walk miles to get clean water for her children? Can we remember the women who are forced into marriages without a choice to love? Can we remember the women who are afraid to give birth because without the proper healthcare it could mean death. Can we remember the women who hike miles to collect crickets and beans to feed their families? As we put our children safely down to bed tonight, can we remember the mom hiding in the cleft of a rock with her children to keep them safe from bombs dropping? Can we remember the little girls who are taken from their families and sold into slavery? Can we remember the women who are still being circumcised with broken glass bottles?

I will choose to remember them and fight for them.

These are the women I would march for.



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My Grandfather’s Prayer for a New Administration

This week our country will once again witness the transition of President and Vice President from one administration to the next. I hope my grandfather’s words from the inauguration of President Bill Clinton, which are timeless and still relevant today, will encourage us to continue to pray for our incoming President and for our country.

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