Episode 30: Back to School? Making Decisions in a Chaotic Time

Each year the new school season brings a certain chaos, and this year is no different. There’s been a lot of debate over schooling methods, and many people asked about what my husband and I decided to do with our children this fall regarding the new school year and their education…

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Episode 27: Seems Right; But Is It Righteous?: America in Turmoil

We live in a time where our country–our world–needs healing and reconciliation. Since I started the #FearlessPodcast, my desire has been to help Christians navigate their faith through an ever-changing and ever-compromising culture…

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Episode 23: The Challenges of Being a Mom

As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking about some of the special women in my life, especially my mom and grandmother Ruth Graham. I’m thankful for everything they’ve taught me and how it’s helped me as a mom…

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