Christians, Do Not Confuse Your Job with the President’s Job

For the last week, I feel like everywhere I look I see many Christians joining those who are greatly outraged and divided over President Trump’s executive order regarding travel restrictions. I see them in heated emotion voicing opinions on social media and expressing their views in protest.

As Christians we are called to love, to care for and to help those in need, especially the fatherless and widows.

I want to encourage Christians not to confuse our job—being called to love, to care for and to help those in need, especially the fatherless and widows—with the job of the President of the United States of America―to protect the United States.

For those upset with the restrictions, I want to respectfully ask you, what have you done to help the refugee crisis? If your answer is nothing, then I urge you to consider taking action by getting involved and seeking ways that you can help. I, for one, support President Trump in the travel restrictions, but I want to tell you why and give you some food for thought.

When President Trump took the oath of office about two weeks ago, he took on the weight of the world. You could see that weight in his eyes as he departed the White House last week heading to Dover Air Force Base to meet the body of the first fallen soldier under his watch. A soldier who was killed in the line of duty in Yemen, one of the countries currently part of the recent restrictions.

President Trump’s first priority is keeping America safe.

As President, Mr. Trump’s first priority is keeping America safe. He is following an administration which recently, and suddenly, accelerated the process for Syrian refugees to enter the U.S. for their own political agenda. A very dangerous step. The newly sworn President and his administration need time for to reevaluate the current process and make it stronger, safer and more effective for all that it impacts.

We as the Christian church in America have had the privilege of freely and openly worshiping Jesus. But what if we didn’t have the shield of the American flag protecting that precious right? If we don’t protect what we have, then one day America might not be a safe refuge offered to the world.

For many of those who are reading this, and for many of the men and women I see protesting, you have never spent a great time in the Middle East. You probably also have not worked in countries flooded with terror, and you might not understand the extreme threat that faces us.

As Americans, we must understand that threats are real.

As Americans, we must understand there are people out there who have an ideology to destroy not just Americans, but also the western world, and to tear down ideals on which America stands.

Do we not remember the videos of the Christian men lined up and being beheaded? Are we naïve in the comforts of luxury to think they don’t wish to come on our homeland and do the same? It is already happening in Europe. And if the laws of this country are not strong enough to keep them out, it will happen!

In his book, Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein, Georges Sada speaks about the spreading of Islam around the world:

“I’ve been asked about the Arabic words of Fatah and Jihad. What I normally tell them is that to followers of the militant brand of Islam, these doctrines express the belief that Allah has commanded them to conquer the nations of the world both by cultural invasion and by the sword. In some cases this means moving thousands of Muslim families into a foreign land-by building mosques and changing the culture form the inside out, and by refusing to assimilate or adopt the beliefs or values of that nation-to conquer the land for Islam.”

That is exactly what is happening around the world. Extremists including followers of Islam are infiltrating the rest of society, so that their practices and beliefs become normal to us. We work with them, go to school with them, live on the same streets, and the culture of Islam are already becoming part of our everyday life.

So, how do we speak out on the people we have come to love as our neighbors and friends, because of course not all Muslims are radical extremist? Please do not think I believe so. I have Muslim friends who I love, but we have to see the bigger picture of what is happening. We can not turn our backs to the danger of the threat that radical Islam is called to do.

“They understand only one thing: total and complete conquest of the West and of any one who does not bow to them and their dangerous and out of date ideology of hate and revenge.”

Sada goes on to say, “One of the nicest things about the American people is that you are generous and friendly people, and because of this you are sometimes naïve and overly trusting. You want to be friendly, so you open up to people then you’re surprised when they stab you in the back…the State Department and others in government who fail to understand the nature of this enemy.”

I am thankful for a President who recognizes the enemy and will stand strong to fight against them. This first step in looking at how things are done is critical, not just protecting against radical Islam, but to protect us from all our enemies and those who intend to harm our country.

Does closing our borders or locking our doors mean we hate those on the other side? What can we do?

Let me ask you a question, and please take a moment to really think about this: Do you lock your doors of your house at night, so just not anyone can come on in your home?

If so, does that mean you hate the poor or turn your ears to those who are in need? Of course not. But your duty is to keep your family and home safe, because you love them. President Trump’s duty is to keep us all safe—a burden I wouldn’t wish on any man―and he’s making sure our door is providing safety to those who call the U.S. home.

So, what can we as Christians do? Find an organization that is on the grounds and helping, and donate your money or your time. Samaritan’s Purse has been on the front lines serving during this refugee crisis—providing food, blankets, shelter and most importantly caring for their spiritual needs in refugee camps. Samaritan’s Purse also has a hospital serving those fleeing from the Isis terror in Mosul, and doctors and nurses are greatly needed.

Get involved and pray.

Please get involved. And please pray for President Trump, Vice President Pence, our government, leaders, and for refugees around the world. Pray for the work that’s being done in the name of Jesus for the safety of all those who will step up and take action to help those widows, fatherless and outcast.