Episode 57: A Conversation with Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin About Veterans Day, Faith and Service

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Show Notes

Welcome to FEARLESS! On this episode of Fearless we’re commemorating Veterans Day and all of those men and women who have served our country. My special guest is Lieutenant General William ‘Jerry’ Boykin who’s served on the front lines, both when it comes to his military service and his faith.

In our conversation, General Boykin shares about his love for the U.S. military, how his father and several uncles served in World War II and the power of a praying mother. He also reflects on how he struggled with his faith and God after the Battle of Mogadishu, known by many as the Black Hawk Down incident, where 18 service members died and dozens were injured, including Boykin himself.

“It broke me,” he told Lynch. “I was really angry with God. And all I could think was, ‘God, why did you let this happen?’”

Veterans Day is an opportunity to take a moment and thank those men and women who have dedicated their lives to our military and protecting our country.

“To live your faith, just live your faith,” General Boykin said. “And God will take care of the rest. You live your faith and be faithful.”

I’m just so thankful for those veterans who have served on and off the battlefield, and especially Gen. Boykin for joining me today. I also want to thank my brother, Edward Graham, who spent 16 years in the U.S. Army and Special Operations. I hope that this podcast fills you with the hope of the Gospel and a greater appreciation for those who serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Scriptures Referenced

1 John 1:9

Psalm 91

John 15:13

Going Further

General Boykin’s book – Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom


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