Episode 59: In the Crosshairs of Cancel Culture

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Show Notes

What happens when you find yourself in the crosshairs of cancel culture? Are you willing to risk your job, friends and finances to stand boldly for Biblical principles?

From celebrities to businesses and organizations, it’s almost impossible to escape the cancel culture mob, which seems to take great joy in tearing down others and destroying businesses and relationships. This battle can even become personal, as in the case of Chad and Bree Barela.

The owners of two small businesses in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chad and Bree were targeted by cancel culture after the couple declined to participate in a planned Black Lives Matter social media campaign in their local community.

As a result, they lost thousands of dollars in business, their store was vandalized and they were attacked online.

Chad and Bree’s experience is a reminder to everyone that standing strong for the Gospel is not easy nor is it without cost. On this episode of Fearless, listen in as Chad and Bree share their story about what it was like when cancel culture came for them and they had a choice, stand up fearlessly for their Biblical convictions or bend to the mob.


Matthew 24

Isaiah 43:2

Daniel 11:32

1 Corinthians 1:10

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