NC Bound: Part Two

Well, we are finally home. We are praising the Lord for an amazing trip and the chance to get to see lots of loved ones. That is the major plus to the NFL off-season, we get to enjoy time together and with family and friends. I only wish our visits could have lasted a little longer!We had many people to fit in and a house project.  So, our time was very hectic, so BEWARE of all the pictures!  Hope you enjoy them!

Corey was not a happy camper with Ikea! You have to put every piece together. But you can't be picky when its cheap!
When we come back to Boone, Corey always has a fanclub!
While in Boone, Corey and I attended a celebration for Appalachian Football. The sign every Appalachian football player touches before walking out on Saturdays
Corey got to see a few former teammates.
Corey inside the new Appalachian player's lounge.
Corey and I with Coach Jerry Moore
William Franklin Graham V...big name for little boy AKA Quinn, came to eat lunch with me at work.
My SNL, Kendra, is amazing for driving all the way from Asheville to eat lunch with me!
Life is so hard for a 5 year old.
We got to stop in SC to see the Maxwells. Jim played football with Corey in Cincinnati.
And when leaving SC we came back to our car to find our dog got very sick in the car! Does Corey look happy?
My mom being a very patient Nanna. Playing with Quinn's new race track.
My dad bought Corey "The Deadliest Catch" hat. Baaahahaha. He was so proud of it.
My brother and his family just moved to GA, and we were helping them move in. Notice my brother is not in the picture.
He was sitting.
Corey and Edward watching the Superbowl. We love to cuddle in my family.
My niece, Hannah, and I having a little fun.

We had such a blast! Can’t wait to do it again soon!