Pictorial: A Mongolian Swimming Hole

This week, Samaritan’s Purse photographer, Paul Sherar, is in Mongolia covering a few projects.  I was captivated by this pictorial set when I first saw them. There is something about kids being kids that brings a smile to my face.  For a few moments, time is frozen and all burdens, struggles and hardships are a distant memory. The kids are able to let loose in a local swimming hole before they have to quickly return back to reality.

Paul goes on to share about the moment:

We drove out about an hour from the already remote Mongolian town,
Bayanhongor to a vast green valley surrounded by cliffs. The area was a
popular spot for families to camp out and this day it was full of kids
and parents from local churches. Several of the children had gone
through The Greatest Journey discipleship program and were to graduate
and received their certificates and Bibles. Before the graduation
several were playing in the river flowing by the campground, which I
determined was sure to make some great photos. Kids being kids, playing
in water is so universal. Just down stream several people were baptized
by the church leaders. Later in the day I stuck my feet in the river and
gasped at the chill. THAT is some cold water!