Your Questions, My Answers

I am spending time with my family in North Carolina, so there are no questions this week! Be back next Friday.

No Place Like Home

This week is FAMILY week.  Corey and I are in North Carolina this week visiting lots of my family and attending a friend’s wedding, so you will have to forgive me for being a little absent this next week.

Trusting in His Silence

My life is fast pace, hectic, and very uncertain most of the time.  And I often find myself anxious and not trusting in the Lord’s silence.  It is in those silent moments, the Lord is speaking to us.  Just wait for Him. This poem is from my daily devotional, Streams in the Dessert and is …

Where Is Your Security?

With all the hype that the world is coming to an end today, I thought this was so ironic when someone shared this with me today. From my grandfather’s devotional, Hope For Each Day, May 21st reads…

Your Questions, My Answers

Welcome to the first Friday of Your Questions, My Answers.  Thank you all who submitted questions.  I am so sorry that I could not get to all of them, but I will continue to do my best.  Here are a few that were selected.

Inside North Korea

Last week my dad and a delegation from Samaritan’s Purse visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, better known as North Korea, to discuss the country’s agricultural, medical, and food needs.

A Mother’s Wisdom

There are times I forget the sound of my grandmother’s voice. She has only been gone for four years, but I am afraid if I don’t hold on tightly I will forget completely. I often long to sit in her room with the smell of a burning fire, the music of her canary filling the …