Happy 4th of July

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Sprinkles: Check Please

I know to eat a Sprinkles cupcake is a strange thing to have on my list, but trust me, you all should have this on your own list. So, while out in in California last week I checked another item off my list. I know, this one was a real tough one to accomplish.

My Questions, His Answers

This Friday, I decided to ask my Dad questions about his first Los Angeles Festival. This Festival is different than any other festival the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has ever done.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

I am in Los Angeles this week for my dad’s festival, and today I finally got to check an item off My List, in which I had been waiting to do for a long time.

I finally got to see my grandfather’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yes, that’s right, Billy Graham has a Hollywood star on Hollywood Boulevard. It is so crazy to think that my grandfather actually has a Hollywood star!  Who would have thought a preacher from North Carolina would end up with his very on star on Hollywood Walk of Fame? And it is prime location too. It’s right in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. This was seriously such an amazing experience. It will be a day I’ll never forget.

We Are Back

We are back from vacation and back to Friday’s questions.

Has He Chosen You?

Ever since I started working for my dad at Samaritan’s Purse and The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, I have battled the Lord with my insecurities.

Can Your Dad do This?

Last week, my dad and three of his friends left Boone, NC on their motorcycles and headed to Soldotna, Alaska.

Your Questions, My Answers

I am spending time with my family in North Carolina, so there are no questions this week! Be back next Friday.

No Place Like Home

This week is FAMILY week.  Corey and I are in North Carolina this week visiting lots of my family and attending a friend’s wedding, so you will have to forgive me for being a little absent this next week.

Trusting in His Silence

My life is fast pace, hectic, and very uncertain most of the time.  And I often find myself anxious and not trusting in the Lord’s silence.  It is in those silent moments, the Lord is speaking to us.  Just wait for Him. This poem is from my daily devotional, Streams in the Dessert and is …