Photos From Japan

Earlier this week marked the one month anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan.

Two Checks Please!

While in New York last week, I had a chance to check two items off “My List.” And the best part about it was, Corey got to go with me!

Plans to Prosper

L ast week, Corey and I were able to attend the New York premiere of Soul Surfer. As we sat in the theater, I thought to myself, there is only one reason we are here watching this inspiring movie about a girl surfer who overcome all odds, and that is because the girl honored God …

Bethany Hamilton on the Red Carpet

On the red carpet of the New York premiere of Soul Surfer, Bethany Hamilton answers my question: What do you hope our generation, who are facing trials, will take from this movie?

Soul Surfer

Today, Corey and I are headed to New York City to see the movie premiere of Soul Surfer.

Facing the Unknown

What’s happening with the NFL lockout?   Is there going to be a NFL season next year?  Are you worried?

The Lord Is Not Done With Liberia

Here are my reflections from my last day in Liberia. Be sure to be apart of our Liberia Festival Webcast tonight at 7:30 and watch Liberia be restored with the HOPE of Jesus Christ.

I just want to say thank you to my AMAZING team. They are the ones who have made it possible for me to share the story of Liberia. Thanks to Joni Byker, Bev Kauffeldt, Hope Blaylock, Ryan Smith, and Matt Powell.

“Bringing That God Business”

Here is an inside look at my favorite village we were able to visit while in Liberia. This is a beautiful example of how the Lord has used Samaritan’s Purse to help transform the HEART of a village.

A Heart Washed With Guilt

I often forget what a life-changing experience it is to travel overseas for the first time. By the age of eighteen I had traveled the world and seen things people only dream of seeing during a life time.

Fishing Has Never Been So Muddy

While in Liberia, we got a little muddy. Well, we got really muddy! One of Samaritan’s Purse’s projects is the aquaculture project, and we got to help harvest the fish!

First Day in Liberia: Helicopter Video

Our first day in Liberia, we headed to Samaritan’s Purse’s northern base in Foya to visit a few of our projects. Here is a clip from the helicopter!